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Place of Origin SHANGHAI
Brand Name KINGDAK
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets
Port: shanghai
Delivery Time: 10 days
Payment Terms: TT
Pack: Box
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Detailed Product Description

Its integrated design assures long term stability and durability.

Power supply :     □AC110V          □AC220V               □AC380V        □50Hz          □60Hz
Digital resolution:   □0.1℃           □0.01℃
Display method:  □Digital              □LCD


2. General introduction
Super digital controlled thermostatic bath, which is the common equipment used in laboratory, is widely used by research departments of such fields as petroleum, national defense, chemical industry, physics, bioengineering, chemistry, medical care, life science, electronic instrument, quality control & metrology, high school, scientific research institution, as well as factory laboratory and metrology & quality control department.
3. Characteristics
3.1.The product, which adopts intelligent microcomputer control and is convenient to operate, has good temperature stability and such functions as over temperature alarm and PID automatic control.
3.2.Red-green double windows are adopted.  The measured values in the up window are red and the set values in the low window is green (LED display).
3.3.The deviation in measured temperature value can be revised through the intelligent microcomputer, making the digital display resolution reach 0.01℃.
3.4. For special users, PID can be adjustable.
3.5.There is internal and external circulation.  The external circulation can make the constant temperature-liquid in the bath led outwards, establishing the second constant temperature field.
3.6. There is timing function for working hours.  Automatic alarm (sending sound continuously) will be performed 2 seconds after the set time is reached, reminding users of the working hours.
3.7.There is the function of memory for residual time after power off.


4. Operating procedure
4.1. Add liquid medium into the bath, and the distance between liquid level of the liquid medium and the workbench shall be less than 30mm.
4.2. Selection of liquid medium:
4.2.1. Generally, purified water shall be used as the liquid medium when the room temperature is between +8℃-80℃.
4.2.2. Generally, 15% glycerine solution shall be used as the liquid medium when the working temperature is between 80℃-90℃.
4.2.3. Generally, oil shall be used as the liquid medium when the working temperature is above 95℃, and the open cup flash point of the selected oil shall be 15℃ higher than the working temperature.  (Note: the working temperature means the temperature that shall be reached by the liquid medium in the bath).
4.3. Connection of circulation pump:
4.3.1. Connection of internal circulation pump: Connect the discharge pipe and charge pipe with a hose (one hose is provided).
4.3.2. Connection of external circulation pump: Make the discharge pipe connected to the container inlet outside the bath with hose and make the charge pipe connected to the container outlet outside the bath.
4.4. When the super digital controlled thermostatic bath is used, if the working temperature is >90℃, then it is recommended to use metal pipe as the pipe connecting the circulation pump (Note: the pipe at the left front position is discharge pipe, and the pipe at back is charge pipe).
4.5. Start the “power supply” switch.
4.6. Apparatus operation is as below:

Figure 1 starting interface
4.7. Temp setting:
Press“TEMP” (the last number in setting temperature twinkling),press to set, press to shift number from right to left. After setting,press “ENT” to quit and save the data.
The set temperature shall be +8℃ higher than the room temperature.
4.8. Time warning setting
Press “TIME” , same as above. Time range: 0~99Min. After setting, press”ENT” to quit and save the data.
When temperature reach the setting number, timer working,   twinkling.
Automatic alarm (sending sound continuously) will be performed 2 seconds after the set time is reached, reminding users of the working hours.  At this time, the bumming can be eliminated by pressing any key.


4.9. After temp and time setting,  press “ON/OFF”,  temp controller begin to work(  lighting). At  the same time stirrer motor rotating, If you need to stop it, press “Pump” for 1 sec.
stirrer motor working or not is depend your requirement, Stirrer working indicator
5. Notes for use:
5.1.. Liquid medium shall be added into the bath before use.
5.2. 60Hz 220V power supply shall be used.  The power shall be larger than or equal to the total power of the instrument, and the power supply shall be provided with good “grounding” device.
5.3. The instrument shall be placed at a dry place with good ventilation condition, and the distance between the back, two sides of the instrument and barrier shall be above 300mm.
5.4. After the instrument is used, all the switches shall be in “off” status; pull out the power plug; pour the water in the bath and remove the water spots.
5.5. When the temperature is above 60℃, be careful not to touch the surface of the thermostatic bath, so as to prevent scald hands.


6. Packing list

1、mainbody              1           2、manual            1     
3、QC card                1           4、fuse              2
5、cover board           1           6、drain              1
7、cable                  1            8、rubber tube      1





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