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Soxhlet Fat Analyzer

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Detailed Product Description

Its integrated design assures long term stability and durability.

Soxhlet Fat Analyzer

Five extraction methods and four functions
SOX500 fat analyzer boasts such five extraction methods as Soxhlet standard method (national standard), Soxhlet thermal extraction, thermal extraction, continuous flow and Soxhlet CH standard thermal extraction for user option, and such four automatic functions as extraction, leaching, solvent recovery and pre-drying. It’s designed according to our investigation over 3000 users, well catering for user demands.

Powerful temperature control capacity
One-piece metal bath heating method is used, giving quick and uniform temperature rise; SOX500 dedicated timer and time control system enable user to easily obtain accurate test results;

Safe and eco-friendly
The built-in ether leak detection device, being subject to 500 rounds of tests, enjoys reliable safety performance; solvent recovery system and automatic cooling water control system show user and environment technology considerations, without worrying about any environment pollution during the test process.


Colorful and pleasing touch screen with concise interface design and external small-size operation panel provide easy operation and save space; 
Five exclusive extraction methods are at your option; 
Test process can be suspended or resumed at any time, offering flexible control;
One-piece metal bath heating gives quick, uniform, stable and safe temperature rise; 
Wide scope of temperature control, applicable for the organic solvents with different boiling points; 
Independent timer and timing circulation system give accurate control of the test; 
External printing system is at your free choice and saves cost; 
Ether leak alarming ensures test operator safety at all times; 
Real-time monitoring of device abnormalities; 
Automatic cooling water control saves water and protects environment; 
Efficient solvent recovery system. 

Technical data:
1. Measuring range: 0.1-100%
2. Capacity per batch: 6pcs./batch
3. Sample weight: 0.5-15g
4. Solvent cup volume: 150ml
5. Temperature range: Room temp.+5℃~300℃
7. Shortened extraction time: 20~80%
8. Solvent recovery: ≥85%
9. Reproducibility: Relative error 1%
10. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz
11. Power: 2400W
12. Size: 650mm x 348mm x 740mm

Scope of application:
Sox500 fat analyzer is widely used in agriculture, food, environment and industries and other fields, ideal for fat test in the food, fuel, feed and other industries, can also be used for the extraction or determination of soluble organic compounds in medicines, soil, sludge, detergents and so on.



Soxhlet Fat Analyzer

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